Admin Experience

This module improves on core's "Empty Node Frontpage behavior" area plugin (used in headers and footers) when used on views that show a restrictive set of content types (e.g. one or two) by allowing a site builder to add links that point directly to one or more forms to add content, of a specific content type. You can also specify a class, for example to format as a button.

Being able to send email notifications from a Drupal site is great, but sometime the result can be a lot of noise in an administrator or editor's inbox. Message Digest allows for notifications to be sent on a fixed cadence (e.g. daily or weekly) compiling together all the notifications for the period.

Sometimes your site needs a more complex workflow than the linear state-to-state options possible using the Content Moderation built into Drupal core. This module allows for conditional logic and a variety of different actions that can be triggered, including the ability to add custom ones to meet your needs.

Sometimes the revision log message can be very useful in the Drupal edit interface, but sometimes you want to keep things as simple as possible. This module provides a variety of potential approaches for either hiding the field completely, or making it available selectively. A nice way to make Drupal's edit interface more intuitive.