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This module provides an additional display option for a views summary attachment to display its values as tabs. If using the Olivero theme, that theme's library to style tabs will also be attached.

This module implements a new cache context, based on the value of a reference field on the current user. To use this new cache context in your own module, after installing this module add a cache content like user.ref_field:field_foo where field_foo is the machine name of the reference field (e.g.

This module is a Configuration Kit that provides a system for managing user-specific tasks. On first install the system is simple by design, but the tasks are stored as Storage Entities so you're free to modify and add fields as needed to suit the specific needs of your site: due dates, ticket IDs, a "task type" taxonomy reference, and so on.

A new entity type for managing data that should be stored in the database, but only displayed within or associated with other content. If you're using a solution like Rabbit Hole to prevent direct access to an entire content type, that content might be better stored as storage entities.

This module provides a method for users with the necessary permissions to manually override the results being returned by Search API Solr. They will be able to choose a specific search term, and pick which nodes should be at the top, and also choose to exclude nodes so they will not be shown in the results.

This module allows a site to boost Solr query results where the content has a taxonomy term reference that matches a selection in a field on the current user. For example, if your site had a taxonomy for animals, and a user had set their favourite animal as "elephant" in their user profile, the module would cause content tagged with "elephant" to appear higher in the search results.

This module provides a ready-to-use set of configuration for displaying Person nodes on your website, for example in a staff directory, faculty list, or list of physicians. The Auto Entity Label module is leveraged so editors only need to provide first and last names, and will be combined into a title for the node.

Provides a new layout to use as a section within layout builder. Any block added will have its title shown as a tab in the tab set, and clicking a tab will reveal the content for the appropriate block.

Significant work has gone into making sure the generated tabs markup will be accessible.